LifeTrack (Discipleship)

This is a systematic process of spiritual growth that teaches us to use our lives to reflect the character of Christ.

I.D. Identity Unknown

This is an intense, one-day workshop that strives to provide liberty, hope, and restoration. Attendees can expect a process of inner healing and the discovery of their true identity as children of God.

LT101 Christian Life

This module helps people define life as God designed it, and helps them establish priorities according to the word of God. Topics such as our relationship with God, interpersonal relations, family life, and the meaning of real success are discussed.

LT201 Christian Character

This is a study of the different aspects of the Christian character, based on the character that Jesus exhibited during his time on Earth.

LT301 God and His Kingdom

This teaches the attributes of God and the basic concepts of His Kingdom.

LifeTrack courses consist of small groups and take place throughout the city in homes, cafes, and at Ekklesia Miami.