Our House

Ekklesia Miami is a Christian community with a relevant message, free from religious stereotypes. Here, people can get to know God in a personal way and discover the purpose-filled life we have in Jesus.

Everyone is welcome at Ekklesia Miami! Whether you want to draw closer to God or you just want to explore the Christian faith, Ekklesia Miami is your house! Come as you are and freely enjoy the supernatural atmosphere, incredible music, and relevant and practical messages that will transform your life.

Our Pastors

José Victor and Jessica Dugand have been serving God and loving the city of Miami for over 20 years. Their passion is to enable the rise of a new generation that profoundly loves and knows Jesus, equipping it to transform the world with God’s love and truth.

Our Vision

To help people know God and grow holistically so they can fulfill their purpose and transform the community.

Our Values

  1. Jesus is the center of our message: We promote a relationship with God, not a religion.
  2. Love for the people: God has called us to love people, especially those that are distanced from Him.
  3. The Bible is our foundation: Our way of thinking, living, and teaching is founded on the Bible.
  4. Complete restoration: We promote the complete restoration of individuals and families so that they may enjoy the life that Jesus came to give them.
  5. A life of worship: We live to exalt God.  That means that we honor Him in our daily lives with our attitude, our words, and our actions.
  6. We serve our city: We are agents of transformation, called to love and serve our community with our time, treasures, and talents.
  7. Generational mentality: We are willing to reinvent ourselves in order to be relevant to every generation and help them come to know God.